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RAILCON can handle all phases of design for signaling projects, such as Preliminary Engineering, braking analysis, Route and Aspect plans, Block Design, equipment layout and wiring design, relay logic design, vital and non-vital processor software design and as-wired plan updating. To ensure quality, unbroken and seamless progression, we at RAILCON stay involved at every level of design, distribution, construction, installation, and verification working closely with customer personnel throughout the entire project until completion.



· Project Scope requirements
· Braking Analysis
· Block Design
· Scaled track and signal plans
· Route and aspect plans



RAILCON can supply the design for all levels of signaling such as single and multiple track CTC, ABS, ATS, ATC and Interlocking systems with Cab signaling as well as a full range of vital relay and vital processor based designs for highway crossing warning systems with a full integration to ensure safe operation.

Our depth of experience allows us to handle the modifications and interfacing requirements at older in service signal plants, which is often a necessity when adjacent new systems are added or as preparatory staging towards total replacement of entire interlockings.



RAILCON has provided vital and non-vital software logic for GETS’s ElectroLogic and VHLC systems, US&S MicrolokII systems, Alstom's VPI and various solid state programmable equipment including Safetran Spread Spectrum HD Link systems. For these types of projects RAILCON can supply Test Sheet documentation that permits the Railway to conduct a majority of the signal system vital checks at a Test Center preparatory to issuing the program to the Field.


Our staff has a wealth of experience in technical matters and extensive industry knowledge to skillfully analyze and design complex signal systems.



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